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WHY SUBSCRIBE? Subscribing to a UMS series can simplify and enhance your quality of life:

PERSONAL FULFILLMENT. UMS takes you to a place where the imagination is thriving, where you can schedule your personal escape to maintain balance in your life. A UMS series allows you to invest in yourself while supporting the quality of life in our community.

VALUE. Free ticket exchanges up to 48 hours before a performance, discounts of up to 25%, and the first crack at the best seats in the house! What’s not to love about that?

BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS. Create memories with people who are important to you.

DISCOVERY. Take a chance and discover new artists, new art forms, and new ideas.

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The Marathon Series The Marathon Series
(Multiple Venues): Fri 9/21/18 8:00PM - Sat 4/27/19 8:00PM

Includes every unique event in the season.
Because of the complexity of this series, please call the ticket office (734) 764-2538 to purchase.

140th Annual Choral Union Series 140th Annual Choral Union Series
Hill Auditorium: Thu 9/27/18 7:30PM - Thu 4/25/19 7:30PM

11 concerts in Hill Auditorium

Series: You Series: You
(Multiple Venues): Thu 9/27/18 7:30PM - Sat 4/27/19 8:00PM

Series:You is the perfect way for you to create and curate your own UMS experience. With Series:You, you can select a variety of performances that speak to you.
When you purchase at least 5 different events from those listed in this brochure before Friday, September 21, 2018, you’ll receive a 10% discount.
As a Series:You subscriber, you get it all: a 10% discount, access to the best seats in the house, free exchange privileges, and the opportunity to purchase additional tickets to the entire UMS season for friends or family members. Seats are assigned after subscription renewal deadlines in the order received, so order early to get the best seats.

Special: Student Subscriptions Special: Student Subscriptions
(Multiple Venues): Thu 9/27/18 7:30PM - Sat 4/27/19 8:00PM

Students may order student subscriptions of at least five different qualifying events for $20 per ticket. Please note that student subscriptions must be picked up at the Michigan League Ticket Office in person with a student ID after July 31. Seats will be assigned by the Ticket Office. Please note: student subscriptions may be seated in a different section and may not be seated/combined with a non-student subscription. Limit two tickets per performance.

56th Annual Chamber Arts Series 56th Annual Chamber Arts Series
(Multiple Venues): Sat 10/6/18 8:00PM - Sun 4/7/19 4:00PM

Subscriber discounts are applied automatically and reflected in the prices listed.
Five Concerts in Rackham Auditorium and one in Hill Auditorium. The series will include the grand prize winner of the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance’s M-Prize. The ensemble will be identified at the M-Prize finals on May 6, and a date for their UMS concert announced in late June. M-Prize is an international chamber arts competition for musicians under the age of 40. Past winners included the Calidore String Quartet and Russian Renaissance. Chamber Arts subscribers will be notified as soon as a date is determined for the winning ensemble’s UMS appearance.

25th Annual Jazz Series 25th Annual Jazz Series
(Multiple Venues): Wed 10/10/18 7:30PM - Sun 4/14/19 4:00PM

Four concerts in Hill Auditorium & Michigan Theater

28th Annual Dance Series 28th Annual Dance Series
(Multiple Venues): Fri 10/19/18 8:00PM - Sat 4/27/19 8:00PM

Five performances at the Power Center and the Detroit Opera House

Renegade Series Renegade Series
(Multiple Venues): Wed 10/24/18 7:30PM - Sat 3/16/19 8:00PM

Where Curious Audiences Meet Unexpected Ideas
Artists engage daily in a creative enterprise full of risk-taking, experimentation, and boundary-pushing. Renegade is about artists who, in their own time and context, color outside of the lines and change our expectations.

Traditions & Crosscurrents Traditions & Crosscurrents
(Multiple Venues): Fri 11/2/18 8:00PM - Wed 2/20/19 7:30PM

Four events in Hill Auditorium and Michigan Theater

Choral Music Series Choral Music Series
Hill Auditorium: Sat 12/1/18 8:00PM - Sat 2/16/19 8:00PM

Three performances in Hill Auditorium

Vocal Performance Series Vocal Performance Series
Hill Auditorium: Sun 12/16/18 4:00PM - Fri 4/12/19 7:30PM

Three performances in Hill Auditorium

Theater Series Theater Series
Power Center: Fri 1/18/19 8:00PM - Sat 4/6/19 7:30PM

Four performances in the Power Center. No Safety Net 2.0 will be announced in the fall.