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Jazz Series 2017-18

(Multiple Venues) : Wed 11/1/17 7:30PM - Fri 4/13/18 8:00PM

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Jazz Series 2017-18

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Zakir Hussain & Dave Holland Wednesday, November 1, 2017 7:30PM   ·   More Info »
<em>Crosscurrents</em><br>Zakir Hussain & Dave Holland

This special collaboration between Zakir Hussain, a living master of the 3,000-year-old tabla percussion tradition, and distinguished bassist and 2017 NEA Jazz Master Dave Holland demonstrates the many directions of inspiration between the idioms of jazz and Indian music. The influence of Indian classical music on jazz is widely known, but fewer people are aware of how jazz influenced the popular music of India. Jazz first came to India by way of the Hollywood musicals of the 1930s and ’40s and quickly influenced the music of India’s burgeoning film industry; the improvisational nature of jazz was familiar to Indian composers and musicians who found a way to incorporate jazz harmonies and chord progressions into their work.

John McLaughlin & Jimmy Herring
John McLaughlin Farewell US Tour
Meeting of the Spirits: Music of Mahavishnu Orchestra Wednesday, November 15, 2017 7:30PM   ·   More Info »
John McLaughlin & Jimmy Herring<br>
John McLaughlin Farewell US Tour<br> 
Meeting of the Spirits: Music of Mahavishnu Orchestra

On this tour, which features the first extended collaboration between two of the world’s foremost improvising artists, guitarist John McLaughlin revisits the legacy of his legendary Mahavishnu Orchestra with his co-headliner, virtuoso guitarist Jimmy Herring. Over five decades, McLaughlin has become one of improvised music’s most influential guitarists, composers, and bandleaders. Herring has been at the creative forefront of the thriving American rock-jam band movement for 25 years as lead guitarist of Widespread Panic. After separate sets by the two headliners with their own bands, they join forces for an expansive closing jam, revisiting the pioneering music that McLaughlin introduced in the 1970s with his deeply influential, genre-defying Mahavishnu Orchestra. This tour marks the 75-year-old McLaughlin’s first extensive US tour in seven years and his last American performances. “To play the music of Mahavishnu is not for the faint-hearted,” says McLaughlin. “In fact, among the only people I know who have succeeded in interpreting Mahavishnu music are my two all-time favorite guitarists: Jimmy Herring and Jeff Beck.”

Steve Lehman & Sélébéyone Saturday, March 17, 2018 9:00PM   ·   More Info »
Steve Lehman & Sélébéyone

Though hip-hop and jazz are clearly no strangers to one another, Sélébéyone takes the conversation between jazz and hip-hop to “feverish new heights” (The WIRE), drawing from Senegalese rap, modern jazz, live electronics, and underground hip-hop to create a unique form of urban experimentalism. Composer and saxophonist Steve Lehman, a “quietly dazzling saxophonist” (New York Times), has built a career creating innovative new music that packs a visceral wallop. He leads this international ensemble, which includes rappers HPrizm, a legend of New York’s underground hip-hop scene, and Gaston Bandimic, one of Senegal’s most distinctive young rap stars, in a unique hybrid that juxtaposes English and Wolof against changing meters and asymmetrical rhythms, giving rise to the development of a whole new musical universe. In Wolof, “sélébéyone” refers to an intersection, where two fixed entities meet and transform themselves into something previously unknown. “The international jazz-rap project Sélébéyone is a rare case of two genres mixing at their most far-out, abstract corners.” (Pitchfork) A co-presentation with El Club.

The Music of Chick Corea
Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Chick Corea Saturday, March 31, 2018 8:00PM   ·   More Info »
<i>The Music of Chick Corea</i><br>
Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Chick Corea

Surprise! This perennial favorite is back, but this time with jazz pianist Chick Corea at the helm. Corea’s staggering career, spanning more than 50 years, is a torrent of creative and professional highlights. His last UMS appearance, with Herbie Hancock, was a sellout, and demonstrated why the New York Times called him “a luminary, ebullient and eternally youthful.” Corea’s fearless creative spirit has earned him a slew of accolades along the way, including the country’s highest honor for a jazz artist when he was named an NEA Jazz Master in 2006. “The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra is ridiculously tight, executing tricky maneuvers like a fighter jet.” (DownBeat)

The Jazz Epistles
featuring Abdullah Ibrahim and Hugh Masekela Friday, April 13, 2018 8:00PM   ·   More Info »
<i>The Jazz Epistles</i><br>featuring Abdullah Ibrahim and Hugh Masekela

“Hugh Masekela creates an instant party, leading from vocals and flugelhorn like a South African Louis Armstrong.” (Guardian) The two iconic South African jazz legends Abdullah Ibrahim and Hugh Masekela reunite and perform on the same stage for the first time in 56 years. They come together for a historic concert to tell the story of The Jazz Epistles, the first all-black jazz group in South Africa and arguably the most important jazz (bebop) recording in the country’s history. This music was almost lost forever — only 500 copies were pressed in 1959, buried, and rediscovered decades later after the tyranny of apartheid. These giants of South African jazz perform music from the seminal Jazz Epistles recording alongside music from both of their illustrious careers. “[Ibrahim] glowed with a sound reminiscent of that of [his] most famous patron, Duke Ellington.” (Guardian)