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Complicite: The Encounter

Saturday, April 1, 2017 8:00PM
Power Center

Complicite: <i>The Encounter</i>

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Complicite: The Encounter

In 1969,National Geographic photographer Loren McIntyre became hopelessly lost in a remote part of the Brazilian rainforest while searching for the Mayoruna people.

His encounter tested his perception of the world, bringing the limits of human consciousness into startling focus. Threading scenes of his own life with details of McIntyre's journey, Complicité artistic director Simon McBurney incorporates objects and sound effects into this solo performance to evoke a rainforest landscape. Transmitted directly to the audience through provided headphones, the show’s groundbreaking technology and sound design plugs into the power of the imagination, questioning our perceptions of time, communication, and our own consciousness. McBurney transports us into the humid depths of the Amazon, its intense soundscape a new approach to site-specific theater.