The Animals and Children Took to the Streets

Saturday, April 13, 2013 8:00PM
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1927: <br> The Animals and Children Took to the Streets
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A performance that takes film, music, performance, and storytelling and somehow makes it fit together beautifully.

The Animals and Children Took to the Streets is seamlessly synchronized to live music, performance and storytelling. With stunning films and animation, this is the wickedly twisted tale from the multiple award-winning company behind the international hit Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. Like a giant graphic novel burst into life, 1927 invite you on a theatrical journey of startling originality.

Recommended for ages 8+.

“The macabre, musically ingenious, and graphically glorious company called 1927… anyone interested in theater should see this company now.” (The Observer)

“1927: Their star is on the ascendant and there is nothing quite like them.” (The Times)

“A wonderfully surreal step outside everyday life” (The Scotsman)

“This is a perfect alternative show. In fact, it is a perfect show.” (The Financial Times)

“A jaw droppingly clever and gloriously subversive parable…1927 conjure a world so complete it feels as if you’ve fallen down a rabbit hole” (Guardian)