Ragamala Dance

Wednesday, April 24, 2013 7:30PM
Power Center

Ragamala Dance
Contact us for availability -- (734) 764-2538 | umstix@umich.edu

Sacred Earth reframes the cultural specificity of Bharatanatyam, bringing the eloquence of the form to universal themes in order to move beyond the personal and spark a global conversation.

Experience a single evening that transcends barriers of culture, ethnicity, nationality, and geography and speaks to a broad audience. Choreographers Ranee and Aparna Ramaswamy use the philosophy and myth of traditions to explore the interconnectedness between humans and the landscapes that shape them. Accompanied by live music, the evening builds from silent, meditative beginnings to a thrilling crescendo, the performers surrender to the beauty of this sacred earth that has been given to us to safeguard, cherish, and pass on to our future generations.

Sacred Earth’s choreography, ranging from contemplative to ecstatic, brings both internal (akam) and external (puram) landscapes to life through two ephemeral visual traditions—kolam floor designs and Warli wall paintings. Kolams are rice flour designs made each morning by women in southern India as conscious offerings to Mother Earth. This daily ritual creates a sacred space and becomes a link between the intimate home and the vastness of the outside world. The Warli people of western India revere the land and live a life in perfect coexistence with nature. Using their everyday lives as inspiration, their dynamic wall paintings use art to find the spiritual in the everyday.