Ensemble Basiani

Thursday, October 4, 2012 7:30PM
St. Francis of Assisi Church

Ensemble Basiani
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Ensemble Basiani was created in 2000 with the blessing of Ilia II - Catholicos Patriarch of All Georgia.

UMS is pleased to introduce to Michigan audiences the highly praised all-male choral/folk music ensemble, Basiani, from the Republic of Georgia. The extraordinary program performed by Basiani is representative of Georgia’s musical heritage and comprises samples from almost every geographical region of the Republic. It is an exceptional, highly memorable performance that embraces the range and variety of Georgian folk culture and its distinctive, highly developed forms of polyphony – a central aspect of the cultural legacy that led to UNESCO’s designation in 2001 of Georgian folklore as a masterpiece of the spiritual treasury of the world’s “non-material” culture (which includes folk traditions as a bearer of cultural heritage). Basiani’s members are young singers from various parts of Georgia; most come from families of traditional singers.

Commenting on their 2010 appearance at Lincoln Center as part of a Mostly Mozart program, James Oestreich wrote in The New York Times that Basiani’s performance of “Georgian polyphony descended from an ancient tradition… stole the main show [at Alice Tully Hall]…. The ensemble, singing in close harmony, presented sacred and folk music displaying polyphonic devices ranging from simple drones to intricately interwoven melodies, which often crossed or combined to produce harmonies pungent to the Western ear.” UMS looks forward to sharing the vocal mastery of this magnificent musical ensemble in a program of discovery and revelation.

Kali gadmodga mtazeda
Guruli Ferkhuli
Shen khar venakhi (Kartli-Kakheti; Eastern Georgia)
Shen khar venakhi (Guria; Western Georgia)
Shen Gigalobt
Angelosi ghaghadebs
Ganatldi, ganatldi
Jvarsa shensa
Netar ars katsi
Naduri, Shemokmedura